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The Web Design Process

Web Designs / The Web Design Process

What We Need to Get Started!

Do you need to establish an online presence for yourself or your business, but don’t know where to begin?  Jade WebArt can get you up and running in no time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a corporation that employs thousands of people or a local small business, you need a website presence to help potential customers find you online.  Failure to establish an online presence is a failure for potential growth.

If you’re ready to get started, take a look at the requirements below and contact us to get started.

Word Content and Images
All of the word content and quality images must be provided by the client.

Domain name
Your domain name is your digital address that people will use to access your website. You need one so that people can find you and get connected to your site.  You can purchase a domain name through GoDaddy or 1and1.com.

A website host is basically where your content lives online.  You can purchase hosting through GoDaddy or 1and1.com.

Website Layout idea or sample site?
Providing us with a sample site will give us a design idea.

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The Web Design Process